Bluebird Cars

Representing four decades of the Campbell family's determination, bravery and engineering prowess

1926 Napier Campbell Bluebird

Top Speed: 174.88 mph

The 450 horse-power Napier-Campbell was a masterpiece of machinery, built without regard to cost, it afforded no compromise in design or engineering, a car bred from the single-mindedness and perfection demanded by Malcolm Campbell.

1926 Bluebird

1926 Napier Campbell Bluebird

Top Speed: 206.96 mph

When Malcolm Campbell lost the record to Segrave's Sunbeam, he embarked on a modification program to help elicit every last ounce of speed from the Bluebird, hoping to take the title back from his main rival. The Lion 12 cylinder beast blessed the 'revised' Bluebird with a staggering 900 horse-power.

1931 Bluebird

1931 Napier Campbell Bluebird

Top Speed: 246.09/253.97 mph

"The New-Old Blue Bird" had several modifications based around stability and wind resistance that allowed it to be fitted with a much larger engine with 1,350 horsepower.

Daytona 1931

1933 Campbell Napier Railton Bluebird

Top Speed: 272.46 mph

It was estimated the engine would last for three minutes at full boost, and Campbell thought this long enough to reach his new goal of 300 miles per hour.

1933 Bluebird

1935 Campbell Railton Bluebird

Top Speed: 276.82/301.73 mph

The body was changed again, reducing the size of the tail fin, and placing fairings behind the rear wheels. In this version Campbell initially hit 276.82 and later broke the 300 mph barrier.

1935 Bluebird

1933 Blue Bird

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