A dynasty of world record breakers

Gina Campbell QSO is the daughter of Donald Campbell CBE and grand-daughter of Sir Malcolm Campbell. So is the thrill of record-breaking in her blood? Yes, of course...

The Campbells

A legacy of world speed records

Mar 1885 ~ Dec 1948

Sir Malcolm Campbell

Creator of the Blue Bird brand and formidable driver. His versatile racing of different vehicles made him internationally famous.

Mar 1921 ~ Jan 1967

Donald Campbell CBE

Donald chased speed records on land and water, and is the only person to break both speed records in the same year.

Gina Campbell - cut from the same cloth

Daughter of Donald Campbell, world speed record holder and recipient of The Queen's Service Order. A Campbell through and through.

Gina Campbell
Don Wales

Don Wales,  revved up in Campbell family tradition

Gina's cousin Don Wales, the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell upholds the Campbell family tradition.

Bluebird K7 Returns to Coniston

When the wreck of her father's boat K7 was pulled from the depths of Coniston Water, many were thrilled. For Gina Campbell, however, the door on the past had just been wrenched open.

K7 Moves To Ruskin Museum

The Ruskin Museum
K7 Bluebird and memorabilia

Spend some quality time at The Ruskin Museum.

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