Bluebird K7 returns to her spiritual home.

Bluebird K7 returns to her spiritual home.

The long awaited return of Donald Campbell's record breaking craft Bluebird K7 is finally home.

12 March 2024 After 23 years Bluebird K7 returns to Coniston.

Donald Campbell's iconic craft will go on public display & run again.

What a weekend!

BB air vew 1

Bluebird K7 arrives at Coniston Water 09/03/2024

Most of the nation and wider world witnessed the scenes over the weekend as Donald Campbell's record breaking hyroplane Bluebird K7 was paraded into the village of Coniston. A Shire Horse lead the procession with a lone piper playing 'The Campbells are coming'. Bluebird K7 in all her glory came back to Coniston. Witnessed by an enormous crowd of well wishers and with TV crews beaming the events around the globe.

BB NS rear

Bluebird K7 with a cheeky rear grin leaves North Shields for the last time!

The 'Bird' is back.

Coniston bridge balloons

Coniston Villagers decorate the route home.

BB K7 CON on Truck 1

Crowds gather as Bluebird enters Coniston Village.

BB K7 RM 1

Bluebird arrives in her forever home and placed on display.

BB RM legal team

Some of Team RM with legal and PR representatives.

robbie 1

Mr Anthony 'Robbie' Robinson. Donald's 1967 team marshall and dear family friend.

BB Sapheria RM

Bluebird Sapheria joins the Donald Campbell Collection at The Ruskin Museum.

There are so many people to thank!

From the early days of K7's rediscovery to the professional oceanic teams that controlled the salvage opertion to the suppliers of lift equipment and lift barge. The professional divers who conducted the more delicate parts of the recovery. The documentary and programme makers, Government departments, emergency departments and so many other behind the scenes people that were involved with the lifting process. The voluntary teams during the recovery, the skilled volunteers who magnificently restored K7. The businesses and the general public that donated funds, materials and time to the restoration.

A short timeline of the recovery.

Gina and buoy 1

Gina is taken out on the water where the reattatched submerged 1967 divers tether is marked with a Buoy. 'I look at that buoy and see my dad. You better find him'.

recovery diver 1

Diver gears up during early search for Bluebird K7 and Donald.


ROV operators and equipment used to locate detailed dive points.

Sonar 1

Early Imagenex/Microsoft Sonar & GPS equipment systematically grid/map the accident locaction and trail of accident wreakage. Later deeper tri and fixed head frequency scanning technologies are deployed for finer accuracy & detail.


Professional Oceanic Crews prepare to lift Bluebird K7's stern & other sections.

barge 1

Recovery barge in position and Oceanic crews organise the 3 day lifting process.

barge 2

Barge in position and ready for the lift of Bluebird!

Long term support.

The dedicated support and down right doggedness and tenacity of The Museum Trustees & Directors. The volunteers and charity supporters involved with The Ruskin Museum including local departments & organisations that raised the funds to build The stunning Bluebird Wing. The legal teams over the years that fought so hard right until the end. Bluebirds collection team and hauliers who safely loaded and unloaded K7 on her journey home.

The Campbell's family and friends from around the world and the thousands of well wishers. There's just so many good people and apologies if we have forgotten anybody.

Plans are ahead.

After a cooling off period when K7 goes on long awaited public display from 19/03/2024 K7 will once again be seen on Coniston Water. There is a lot of organising with local authorities for a planned date of approximatley 2026.

Thanks from Gina.

I am totally gobsmacked and never thought I would see this day come. I'm overwhelmed by it all and I can't thank you all enough. To name everybody would take forever and a day and four sheets of A4 paper.

From the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you & thank you. The coverage by the media and the TV channels yesterday that broadcast my father's achievements was just fantastic and showed me and my family my Father really isn't 'Yesterday's Man' and never was.

You just have to look at her. She's so magnificent and like a craft from the future, her curves the design is stunning.

I can now utter Tonia's words during the lift 'THE BIRD IS BACK'. Tracy and Jeff and everyone at the Ruskin Museum what can I say but a HUGE thank you.

One special person to thank who supported me and has been my rock is my partner Brian. xx

Oh Dad we all did it and she's finally home. Rest in peace skipper and in his words 'skipper and craft stay together'. Once again 'Bluebird will raise her skirts and fly!

Gina C Xx

Gina and Brian 1

Gina and Brian celebrate Bluebirds return 09/03/24

G and B 4

Gina and Brian are overwelmed by events.

BB K7 shirt lifted

Bluebird raises her skirts and flies.

DC and GC 2

Gina and Dad.

DMC grave stone 2  20204






Donald Campbell The Triumph.


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