Bluebird Sapheria & Aero Concept Vehicles

Bluebird Sapheria & Aero Concept Vehicles

The all new Bluebird Jet electric hybrid.

22 February 2024 Bluebird Sapheria & Aero Jet Electric Hybrid Concept Vehicles

The New Bluebirds on the block Bluebird Sapheria & Aero.

The Bluebird Sapheria & Aero were born from a new modern design concept and the brain child of David Ackroyd. Both concept vehicles designed with jet turbine & electric propulsion systems. Designed for future educational and record breaking ideas and to demonstrate to future students looking for a career in engineering and motorsport.

Created with support of many automotive suppliers and permission of The Bluebird Foundation and The Campbell Family to combine a new mobile classroom concept. Supporting Bluebird Azure Blue colours and bearing the long line of vehicles bearing the Bluebird name.

From Sir Malcholm Campbell's first 6hp Car (not a Blue Bird) to one of his first (Flapper) racers. A c1906 34hp Darracq nicknamed 'Flapper 3' to be hand painted & renamed Blue Bird (1).

Decades later came Donald Campbell's twin Bristol Siddley BS.605 rocket engined concept car Bluebird CMN-8 Mach 1.1.

The new Bluebird Sapheria & Aero follow the legandary line of vehicles.

MC first car

c1906 6hp Panhard Et Levassor.


c1906 34hp Darracq similar to 'Flapper' 1.

first bluebird

Malcholm Campbell in the first Blue Bird.

CMN8 BB CMN8 priors ford drive

Bluebird CMN-8 or Mach 1.1 Twin Rocket Jet Engined Concept.

BB Saph 1

The New Bluebird Sapheria & New Aero. Jet & EV concept vehicles.

Race r 8

The Campbell Family Heritage Trust Stand.


Gina in BS 1

Gina in Sapheria

Bb Aero 2

BbS van

BBS 2 Bb Aero 1

AC Aceca 1


Why not see Sapheria for yourself.

It will shortly be displayed alongside Donald Campbell's Hydroplane Bluebird K7 at the Ruskin Museum in Coniston, Cumbria.

RM K7 sign

RM K7 wheels  RM no K7

Details and dates to be announced very soon.

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