Set up to help us bring Bluebird back home to Coniston.

09 January 2022

Set up to help us bring Bluebird back home to Coniston.

Why isn't Bluebird in Coniston?

On 4 January 1967, during a record attempt, Donald Malcolm Campbell CBE was killed when Bluebird K7 left the water and somersaulted in the air before crashing into the lake.

Whilst some wreckage was brought ashore almost immediately, it wasn't until 2001 that Bluebird was found and raised, and Campbell's body found and buried.

In 2006, Gina Campbell - Donald Campbell's daughter - formerly donated Bluebird to The Ruskin Museum, and the Museum opened the purpose-built Bluebird Wing on 12 June 2010.

But the man who raised the boat is holding Bluebird captive. And won't allow this iconic boat to return home. Ignoring the wishes of Campbell's family.

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