New for 2024. Mr Whoppit is back.

New for 2024. Mr Whoppit is back.

27 January 2024

Mister Whoppit returns.

Fantastic News for 2024. He's so cute!

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dad with whoppit k7 early con

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A new and exclusive version of my father's mascot Mister Whoppit is about to go on general sale via my friends and collegues at The Ruskin Museum.

Mr whoppit 2024

Mister Whoppit was my late father's lucky mascot and he was by his side during his world land and water speed record attemps. I say by his side, he was often kept safe under the cockpit seat in all of Dad's Bluebird crafts.

dad with whoppit cn7 2

Another World Land Speed Record Broken?. No wonder Dad and Mister Whoppit are smiling.

The original I keep a very close eye on and he doesn't leave my side when he's allowed out on special commerative occasions. The rest of the time he is kept safe and secure under lock and key. He's not in any way naughty but a very special little bear and my puppy Suzi-Blue would.... Well you can only imagine what a few minutes play time would end up like.

Special because Mister Whoppit was along-side my father in the cockpit of Bluebird K7 when it crashed on Coniston Water in January 1967. Of the few personal items belonging to my farther that floated to the surface that dreadful day, Mister Whoppit was one of them. He was recovered by the support crew and emergency services while they looked for my dad.

Mister whoppit now wears the Saint Christopher medallion my late Grandfather gave to my dad with the inscription 'To Donald from Daddy'. One of many known personal belongings recovered 1995-2007.
whoppit 3

dad with whoppit cn7

Dad gives Mister Whoppit a high speed (400mph) driving lesson in Bluebird CN7.

Not many know this but Mister Whoppit himself suffered injuries and had to undergo major surgery. He's the undisputed fastest bear on land and water and recovered from an impact of +180mph. Special oh yes special and a very brave little bear. I've also carried him in the cockpit of my power boats during my own water speed record attempts.

The Story of Woppit.

He was a popular 1950s cartoon strip in the Hulton children’s comic, Robin. It featured the adventures of a bear. In 1956, Merrythought made a 9 inch tall toy ‘Woppit’ teddy-bear; the bear wore a red felt jacket.

Dad's business manager thought he should have a mascot, and gave him a ‘Woppit’, soon re-named, more formally, and with an ‘h’ added, Mister (MR) Whoppit, who proudly wore the Bluebird logo, hand-embroidered on his coat.

This lucky mascot was carried in all of Father's Record attempts, on Water and Land.

In the 1990s Merrythought produced a second limited edition of 5,000 teddy-bears, this time re-branded as ‘Mr Whoppit’ after Dad's famous mascot, and now sporting the Bluebird badge. I'm amazed how collectable this edition has become.

2024 and the third exclusive release.

We jump forward to 2024 and 'He's back'.

You too can now have your very own Mister (Mr) Whoppit because from March 2024 he's going on general release.

He's will only be available direct from The Ruskin Museum officail Website and online shop.

I've included a link to pre-order your very own special bear.


I truly hope you keep him safe and hold him special in your hearts. Like my dad he's a high speed hero and a true British record breaker!

Gina C x

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