The count down begins!      Bluebird K7 will return home later today Saturday 09/03/2024.

The count down begins! Bluebird K7 will return home later today Saturday 09/03/2024.

09 March 2024

My Father's record breaking craft Bluebird K7 will finally be placed on public display.

I'm totally overwhelmed. My promise to return Bluebird K7 to her spiritual home is in it's final moments! I can't express my admiration to all the dedicated folk that have made this possible.

Gina x

From that first phone call Gina recieved in 1967 telling her that her dad had an accident to many years later and an out of the blue call from a diver. Mr Smith and his gadgets horrified her at the time. Fish finding equipment and echo sonar linked to GPS had become the norm.

The precise coordinates of Donald's accident site had been officially logged and with advice from the Under Secretary of State to the then Coroner. The search for Mr Campbell was called off.

Donald's memory became special to generations.

Within a few hours Bluebird K7 will be on her way back to her spiritual home. Preparations are underway for her early morning collection with a crew and legal team to oversee the long awaited transfer and K7's journey home.

K7 prep to leave

08/03/2024 Bluebird K7 is reversed out of her lock up ready for her owners to collect.

23 years since she entered this very unit for safe keeping and what became an extended restoration.

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